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Root and Fruit of Replacement Theology, The

Author: Derek White

Product code: BT34

A development of "Replacement Theology" by the same author. Further attention is given to the beginnings of this theology in the early church giving a fuller treatment of this position. A minority of the material used is from the previous booklet.

The article stands in its own right, as well as functioning as the speaker's notes for the presentation.

About the Author

Derek White

Worked as a chemist/analyst in the chemical industry for 25 years before entering pastoral ministry in a local church in Surrey.

After being the UK director of the International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem from 1981 to 1985 he went on to help found Christian Friends of Israel in December 1985.

He served as Director of CFI-UK until the end of May 2001. He has been to Israel 50 times in connection with the work of CFI and is a prolific writer on the issues of Israel and the Hebraic roots of Christianity. He is currently involved in ministry among believers in the Lord Jesus in the Middle East.