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Stability: Torah - The Guardian of Israel

Author: John Garr

Product code: BT91

A detailed study of the relationship between the Torah that God gave to the Jewish people at Mt. Sinai and its function as the guardian of Israel which He designed to teach and preserve His people until the time of the Messiah.

This booklet helps break through the confusion over God's ongoing relationship with the Jewish people and with their covenant land, Israel, by giving understanding on a solid foundation.

About the Author

John Garr

Founder and president of Hebraic Heritage Christian Center, an international, trans-denominational, multi-ethnic networking organisation that serves as an educational resource to the entire Christian Church.

An academician with a pastor's heart, Dr. Garr is able to contextualise biblical truths in terms that laypersons can understand. He challenges believers to a biblically sound Christocentric faith that is grounded in the Hebraic heritage of Jesus and the apostles.

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