A Boast Too Far

The Hamas terrorist group claimed a victory over Israel regarding Tuesday’s March of the Flags but then suffered air strikes in retaliation for incendiary balloons sent from Gaza into southern Israel.

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A Time, A Season calendar

September 2021 to December 2022, with scenic photos of Israel featuring Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; all major Biblical/Jewish Holidays; references for weekly scripture portions plus suggested New Testament readings

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In Touch - 2nd Quarter 2021

We`ve been praying for more light; finding Hidden Treasures; joining Lobby Briefings; reviewing Israel’s recent election; focusing on the Hebrew word ‘ezer’; talking to Revd Dr Andy Angel; hearing about the Synod of Oxford; recommending resources

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Christians, Israel and the Struggle for Peace

This republished booklet explores different perspectives on big questions such as, ‘How can Jews, Muslims and Christians live together in peace in the Holy Land?’ and challenges Christians to engage with the Bible and with politics in support of peace

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Unveiling the Kingdom

What is your view on the Kingdom of Heaven? This DVD course by Dwight Pryor features 12 sessions, each about 30-minutes long, which explore in some depth Christ’s teaching on this important subject.

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Have you celebrated Pentecost?

Here is our YouTube Pentecost event

New to Christian Friends of Israel?

This short video shows some of our work in the UK and in Israel.

Kesher Course

Kesher Course

Kesher is a ten week course, which aims:

  • To enrich our understanding of Jesus
  • To deepen our trust in God's faithfulness
  • To give us a better understanding of current events in the Middle East

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Who we are

Kesher Course

We are a ministry with a twin focus, we seek to:

1. Bless Israel through practical and moral support.
2. Serve the Church with teaching and resources about God`s love and purposes for Israel and the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.

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Support Israel through

Kesher Course

We collect donations for various projects in Israel.

These include support for Holocaust survivors, new immigrants experiencing hardship, people experiencing trauma as a result of terror attacks and believers in the land.

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