Is there Famine in Gaza?

Israel has been accused many times of starving the people of Gaza during eight months of war with Hamas. While some politicians may have threatened that in their initial anger, Israel has for months stressed claims of “starvation” in Gaza are false.

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Our latest magazine

In the 2nd edition of 2024: the tribe of Benjamin – preserved for a purpose, special reports on Spring Harvest 2024 and our Prayer Conference, the Hebrew word Shomer, showing Christian love to the Jewish community, a Seven Churches tour, and more.

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Israel at War - Six Months On

As we pass six months of this war, it is possible to feel disheartened when we gather to pray for Israel, and while Israelis taken hostage on 7th October remain in captivity. Many of us are concerned about the widespread bias against Israel.

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ENHANCE Magazine Resources

Here is the selection of six resources promoted in our latest magazine, including a book probing the mysteries of 1 Samuel, Barbara Winton’s book about her husband Sir Nicholas Winton, and Joshua Aaron’s CD album ‘Live at the Tower of David’.

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Humanitarian Aid in Israel

We support various humanitarian aid projects in Israel that are run by our partner ministry, CFI Jerusalem. This 16-minute video provides an insight into these projects as well as some additional aid work that we support in seeking to bless Israel.

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How Trustworthy are Media Reports?

Honest Reporting reveals how Gaza terror groups manipulate the media and spread false narratives.

Miraculous story of an October 7th survivor

A small team from CFI Jerusalem helped Katya clean her home for first time since that tragic day.

Who We Are

A ministry with a twin focus, we seek to:

  • Bless Israel through practical and moral support.
  • Serve the Church with teaching and resources about God`s love and purposes for Israel and the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.

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Kesher Course

A ten week course which aims:

  • To enrich our understanding of Jesus
  • To deepen our trust in God`s faithfulness
  • To give us a better understanding of current events in the Middle East

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We Collect Money For

A small variety of projects including support for:

  • Holocaust survivors
  • New immigrants experiencing hardship
  • People experiencing trauma from terror attacks
  • Believers in the land

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