Ecological Disaster in Israel

NEWS: A major oil spill has caused what Israelis are describing as an ‘ecological disaster’ along their coastline. Thousands of volunteers are working hard to clear up the mess before it sinks deep into the sand and between rocks.

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In Touch - 1st Quarter 2021

News of our Holocaust Memorial event; Olga Marshall’s service for the Lord; a recent Zoom prayer meeting; a Hebrew word study on ‘hearing’; insights into Habakkuk’s prophecy; the UK and Israel at the UN; and the plight of Palestinian `refugees`

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Holocaust Memorial Event

Our online memorial event premiered on YouTube at 7pm Sunday 24th January. It features film, music, art and poetry, as well as an informative presentation by Dr Susanna Kokkonen. You can go to watch by clicking the button below.

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Pathway for Peace

This San Remo 100 educational guide presents the legal status of Israel today and her right under international law to the land originally ceded to her in the Balfour Declaration. The principles and legal status of the resolution are still valid today.

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Behold the Man

This acclaimed teaching series by Dwight Pryor includes twelve 40-minute in-depth sessions on 6 DVDs that provide extremely useful insights into Christ’s teaching from a Jewish perspective. It comes with an accompanying study book.

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Welcome to Israel

Here is a selection of favourite photos from our tours:

New to Christian Friends of Israel?

This short video shows some of our work in the UK and in Israel.

Kesher Course

Kesher Course

Kesher is a ten week course, which aims:

  • To enrich our understanding of Jesus
  • To deepen our trust in God's faithfulness
  • To give us a better understanding of current events in the Middle East

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Who we are

Kesher Course

We are a ministry with a twin focus, we seek to:

1. Bless Israel through practical and moral support.
2. Serve the Church with teaching and resources about God`s love and purposes for Israel and the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.

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Support Israel through

Kesher Course

We collect donations for various projects in Israel.

These include support for Holocaust survivors, new immigrants experiencing hardship, people experiencing trauma as a result of terror attacks and believers in the land.

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