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50 Proofs for the Bible: Old Testament

Author: Rose Publishing

Product code: BT81

Is the Bible full of made-up stories or might there be evidence for people, places, customs, and events mentioned in Scripture? Here are 50 finds that support the trustworthiness of the Old Testament.

Excellently illustrated, featuring archaeological finds and photos showing the Bible’s accuracy.

Some important finds include:

  • List of Sumerian kings showing who ruled before and after the Great Flood
  • Nuzi Tablets reveal customs and stories similar to those found in Genesis 15-31
  • Home of the Patriarchs; Abraham's great-grandfather, grandfather, Serug and Nahor from Genesis 11
  • Canaanite gods and goddesses warned about in Numbers 25, I Kings 11, Jeremiah 23, and Hosea 13
  • Megiddo (Armageddon), City of War
  • Shishak's invasion record dating to c. 700 BC
  • Gibeah, King Saul's capital

This booklet replaces Archaeology and the Bible - Old Testament.

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Rose Publishing

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