"Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac.
I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him."
(Genesis 17:19)

Obviously, the Coronavirus Pandemic is affecting every nation. Israel too has been hit hard and I want to bring to you some prayer needs for the nation and people of Israel. The word of God says that Israel will be a light to the nations (Isaiah 49:6) but often this light is ignored. The period we are going through may be a shaking in the earth and in the heavens, but from the perspective of Israel being a light, many accolades and much ingenuity coming out of Israel are completely ignored by the media. Interestingly, nine percent of the world’s best inventions in 2019 were made in Israel.

Some areas for prayer:

Israel’s lockdown is still strict, e.g. only being able to move 500 metres from home. They have been very successful in controlling the virus there and, hopefully, will lift restrictions soon. Family is key to Israeli life. Pray that families still stay close, by whatever means, and the elderly and disabled know of God’s peace at this time. Pray that the Word comes alive like never before for Jews and Christians there and that any legalistic spirit is uprooted and destroyed.

Israel has a new Unity Government. After 18 months Bibi Netanyahu will hand over as Prime Minister to Benny Gantz. Pray with faith, that this government will be united and guided by God. Bibi is well known for his love of the scriptures: pray for unprecedented revelation of the word of the God in the Knesset.

The Sea of Galilee is full to overflowing. There has been a lot of concern about low levels over the last three years and there has been a lot of prayer for this. Pray that God’s hand is seen in this and that he is acknowledged as the God of Israel across the nation (Joel 2:23).

The Israeli Arabs have been very vulnerable to the coronavirus and live in multigenerational homes. Pray for God’s healing hand and for wisdom for the authorities to administer with great compassion and understanding in this whole community, and that government leadership is seen and appreciated. Pray that COVID-19 is not used as a political tool in the land of Israel, and especially in Gaza. Pray that many will cry out to the true God.

Pray for those in the Palestinian areas, governed by Islamic terrorist organisations. Between broadcasts on official Palestinian Authority (PA) TV, a message reinforced the idea that the Islamic holy places and the struggle for ‘Palestine’ are worth the sacrifice of their children. For decades the PA has promoted, to parents and children alike, the ideal of dying as ‘martyrs’ for the cause. The PA teaches Palestinians that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is “more precious than my children and more precious than my family.” Pray about the spiritual roots of this, asking God to break every chain of oppression and the lies that hold back these families.* Bring to mind scriptures and pray for life and salvation in these areas. Pray too for protection of the youngest generation.
*Source Palestinian Media Watch, 22nd April 2020

Christian Friends of Israel in Jerusalem have had to close their offices and staff are working from home. Pray that technology will not limit the scope and blessing that their projects have in Israel. Olga and Tanya lead the Forsake Them Not Project for Holocaust Survivors and are phoning these precious elderly people, to keep them from isolation and loneliness. Pray that this love and unconditional service will be a healing balm for them and point them to greater faith and an increase in peace and God’s presence.

The Whole Word of God: A new Danish translation of the ‘Christian Bible’ has removed more than 60 instances of the word “Israel”. The translators involved in this new edition said the references to Israel were removed in order to distinguish the historic Land of Israel from the modern State of Israel. References to other ancient nations or geographic areas that share the same name with modern states, such as Egypt, were not removed. Pray as the Lord leads but the word of God is the most valuable gift we have been given as believers, alongside the Holy Spirit. Pray for mercy for those who reject it, knowing that those who add or take from it are in danger of experiencing God’s wrath.

Pray again that Israel will be seen as a light to the nations

Love and blessings

Julia Soakell

April 2020