Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! Psalm 133

In a recent interview the former Chief Rabbi in the UK, Rabbi Sacks, spoke about the “we not I” mentality we should have for all to flourish as God intended. This attitude is core to the Jewish faith and to our roots as Christian believers; as we see in Romans 11:17, Christians are spiritually grafted into the ancient olive tree of Israel.

Olive tree in Israel

  • Rabbi Sacks expressed his delight that although the inability to meet physically had been difficult for the Jewish communities, many have “grasped the nettle of technology” – my words – and used Zoom for prayer meetings, study and fellowship. It has opened up new opportunities for them, as it has for the churches too. Pray that those Jewish people studying and praying together may experience the Holy Spirit as their teacher – that like never before, eyes would be opened to God’s truths and the full saving grace of Messiah.
  • Pray for conversations and opportunities for Christians to befriend the Jewish community and extend love and support. Pray that this dissolves anti-Semitic roots and prejudices, restores trust and develops healthy in-depth study of the whole word of God.
  • Pray for all aspects of CFI ministry – that we know God’s favour, protection and leading, so as to be fruitful and encourage others with our events, online contributions and publications.
  • Pray that the UK church will fully appreciate her roots in all the depth and fullness of Scripture – acknowledging that every word is truth and that we cannot dismiss any of it, without detriment to ourselves and our nations.
  • Pray that Christians will be given a hunger for God’s word and that anti-Semitism is uprooted in every aspect from our nation and the UK church.
  • Pray for CFI Links who hope to be more active in their churches, fellowships and Lydia groups soon. Pray for revelation and inspiration, especially in study of the Old Testament, so often neglected. Pray that the Jewishness of Jesus is perceived.
  • Pray that all literature received over time produces fruit for God’s Kingdom both in and out of season.
  • Sales of Bibles have increased by 44% during lockdown. Many Jews do have a New Testament although they wouldn’t admit it. Pray that they have chance to read it and see their Torah and Tanakh through new eyes.
  • In the strained atmospheres of multicultural areas in the UK, pray for respect between faiths.
  • Some Messianic congregations in Israel are receiving abuse from more Orthodox communities. Pray for an end to this and protection for pastors and their flocks.

Julia Soakell (email [email protected]) 

July 2020