Light in the Darkness – a unique event in January for which to pray

Each year thousands of small events throughout the UK commemorate the lives lost and lives scarred by Nazi persecution and the Holocaust. Many among Christian Friends of Israel staff, trustees, Regional Links, Church Links and supporters facilitate, organize, uphold in prayer and attend these events. We each become lights in the darkness and are a living memorial so that those horrors “never happen again”. When we listen to testimonies from survivors, we become witnesses too; as is often said, lest we forget.

In Autumn 2020, as the spread of the coronavirus accelerated, it was clear that events were at risk. The Lord laid on our hearts the idea that an online Holocaust Memorial event could be a useful tool for education, awareness and remembrance, as we continue to show support for the Jewish community and value our Hebraic roots. David Soakell and others began production of a fitting memorial which would be educational as well as an act of remembrance. What has emerged, after a great deal of time and energy, is a balanced and dignified yet uplifting event for a wide audience.

Holocaust Memorial Event

Currently there is an alarming rise in anti-Semitism, to the degree that attacks and media / social media bias are unparalleled – worse in fact than 1930’s Germany. Jews in the UK, whether practicing or secular, experience fear. More than ever, they are considering the safety of their families and wondering about making Aliyah, seeing a move to Israel as their safest option. This is in fact a fulfilment of Scripture, which we must be careful not to oppose.

We believe our plans were blessed supernaturally. We could not have foreseen that in 2021 the UK Holocaust Memorial Day would fall within a strict lockdown across the nations. We believe the Lord has led us to this point and given us a unique spiritual opportunity to bring understanding, education and revelation to many in an unprecedented way through YouTube on January 24th at 7pm as we premiere this event (which is 80 minutes long).

We ask that you cover the event in prayer:

  • First, we give thanks for God’s provision and the resources we have been given permission to use. Second, we are grateful for our guest speaker, Susanna Kokkonen, whose wealth of knowledge and biblical stance is clearly a ‘word in season’ for the event and the days we are living through. Please pray for Susanna too.
  • Pray for spiritual, mental and physical protection for all who are involved in the CFI team.
  • Pray for the best possible circulation of the flyer and any other word of mouth advertising to individuals, leaders, believers, educators and youth workers.
  • Pray for maximum impact of the two-minute promotional video and engagement of as many as possible to watch the premiere on CFI UK’s YouTube channel. Pray too for impact in other English-speaking nations.
  • Pray for the minimising of any disruption, technical issues or time wasting for all the team, but especially for Robin and Dave, in the run up to the event and for the quality of the YouTube signal for all viewings.
  • Pray it is watched by teachers, educators and football clubs (one film is about a Premier League Football project and visit to Auschwitz).  Pray for as many viewings as possible on the evening and afterwards where hearts are open to its message, ready to be involved with praying for Israel, supporting CFI and standing with the Jewish communities after the event.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal any anti-Semitic roots in the hearts of believers.
  • CFI Jerusalem’s ‘Forsake Them Not’ project is featured in this event, showing the work of Olga and Tanya with Holocaust survivors in Israel.  Pray for every visit and every prayer made with them to touch these elderly people with the love and comfort of the Lord. Pray for the team: for a supernatural anointing and for increased financial support of CFI Jerusalem projects. Isaiah 40 reminds us to pray for God’s comfort for Zion.
  • Pray about the younger generations who need to have the Lord’s revelation on matters about Israel, Hebraic heritage and the importance of remembering the Holocaust, as well as the dangers of anti-Semitism.

The late Rabbi Sachs said, “Anti-Semitism – the hatred of difference – is an assault not on Jews only, but on the human condition as such.” We must cry out for God’s grace and mercy on humankind in these days so love reigns and never hate. Lighten the darkness, Lord.

Julia Soakell

January 2021