Each year Christian Friends of Israel UK and the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland organise a Lobby for Israel, where a particular issue is raised with Members of Parliament. This year’s issue is the UK Government’s troubling record of voting against Israel in meetings of the United Nations (UN). Two online briefing sessions will be held on Wednesday 3rd March to explain the extent of the problem and its implications.

Lobby Day flyer

During the 2020 UN General Assembly, 16 resolutions singled out Israel for condemnation. The UK voted in favour on 11 of them. That is 11 times more than the UK condemned Syria, Iran or North Korea. Whilst there have been some improvements by the UK over the years, there is still a long way to go before ending discrimination of Israel at the UN.

Robin Lane, who oversees communications with CFI supporters who act as advocates for Israel, says:

‘The UK Government tends to make very positive comments about Israel in public, such as Dominic Raab’s tweet on 25th August 2020 that, “The UK-Israel relationship is as strong as ever. I expressed enduring friendship to Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi this morning.” That was followed by Boris Johnson saying in October 2020, “The United Kingdom has always stood by Israel and its right to live as any nation should be able to do so, in peace and in security.”

‘Yet somehow that positivity often disappears, and the Government takes actions that favour Israel’s Arab neighbours. Concerns have repeatedly been raised in Parliament over UK aid supporting Palestinian Authority teachers when the education curriculum incites their children to hate Jews. Yet that curriculum has deteriorated rather than improved.

‘And the UK has often voted in favour of United Nations resolutions that condemn Israel and its policies towards Judea and Samaria, despite the UK being greatly influential in granting the Jewish people political rights to that internationally mandated area in which they were to re-establish their homeland.

‘There is major resistance to reforming UK foreign policy towards Israel – the only democratic country in the Middle East. A long-term, positive attitude towards autocratic Arab nations has dominated for decades, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge the many commitments the leaders of those nations have made and then failed to deliver. That resistance to policy reform defies logic, there is something deeper involved.’

Please pray about this year’s Lobby and its aims.

There is a responsibility for all ‘Christian nations’ to align with the word of God, and especially to consider carefully verses such as Genesis 12:3 and Isaiah 60:12. But many nations that had biblical foundations are now secular, compromising on moral and ethical matters. We are told to pray for our leaders and governments.

Pray for your nation’s leaders and foreign offices, that they will be challenged to consider their actions and policies, seeing Israel in a more favourable and balanced way.

Pray for all the schemes of the enemy to be exposed so that biblical principles will be adopted by our governments and reflected in organisations like the United Nations.

Pray too for CFI UK and the ZF in their advocacy work. Pray for the technology and logistics of the online briefings. Request that although it now clashes with Budget Day it has maximum impact. Pray for the issues raised in this lobbying for Israel to be covered by the media in a balanced manner.

Pray for our CFI advocates as they try to connect with their MPs in Lockdown and for hearts to be open to the subject. Pray for an openness to free and unbiased dialogue and a real connection between parties. Pray that where Christian MPs and Jewish MPs lost their seats in the last election, they will still be visible and effective in these types of debates.


Julia Soakell

February 2021