In these days many people feel that we are on the edge of a spiritual precipice as a nation, and perhaps even globally. Many have concerns about our political parties here in the UK.  We realise that all parties in politics have their own agenda, and none are perfect or purely honourable, but some troubling statements and calls were made to members of the Labour Party through fringe meetings at the Party Conference recently.

Jeremy Corbyn prepares for post-conference interviewJeremy Corbyn prepares for a post-conference interview (photo Neil Hall/EPA)

After a barrage of singing homage to Jeremy Corbyn, oblivious to his terrorist organisation connections, many were shocked by calls to remove Jewish Labour MPs and to close down the Labour Friends of Israel organisation. Initially, Mr Corbyn and the leadership ignored the reports of those calls; and in his speech Mr Corbyn said,

“Let’s give real support to end the oppression of the Palestinian people,
the 50 year occupation and illegal settlement expansion,
and move to a genuine two state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.”

Jewish MPs and Labour MPs who support Israel are often marginalised and sometimes threatened and abused. We must pray about these issues, about our government and about freedom of speech in the UK.

It is also alarming to see the recent coverage of left-wing groups disrupting university meetings when a pro-Israeli or Jewish speaker is addressing students. We need to pray for godly men and women, full of the Holy Spirit and the word of God, to be given the chance to redress the balance in our places of learning.

Truth and integrity seem to be rare commodities within organisations like the United Nations currently. So please pray for Mosab Hassan Yousef.  This former member of Hamas, the eldest son of the founder of Hamas, has worked for the Israeli Intelligence Agency and exposed the corrupt Palestinian Authority at the United Nations. However he now needs our prayers as his life could be in danger.

Click on this link to watch a video clip that shows some of the usual criticism of Israel at the UN, but also shows Mosab’s contribution to proceedings at the Human Rights Council on 25th September 2017. Note the expressions on the faces of all the delegates around him.


Julia Soakell
October 2017