The word of God clearly says we should love our neighbours (Mark 12:31) and love our enemies (Matthew 5:44).

Israel has crises within and around her borders, as well as many people who would call themselves enemies of Israel and the Jewish people. Yet the Jewish people understand from their scriptures and rabbis, that ‘to save a life is to save the whole world’ (Pikuach Nephesh), and Israel is always amongst the first nations to offer humanitarian aid in crises around the globe.

The recent catastrophic explosion in Beirut has featured prominently in the news. Lebanon is one of Israel’s neighbours and now needs much help. Israel has offered to help in various ways but so far that help has been refused. So, as Christians, how can we pray?

  • Pray for miracles and lives to be saved from the rubble. Buildings are still collapsing days after the explosion, and many people have lost homes, jobs, cars, family members and even hope in the corruption and chaos of the country, due to the ineffective government and ruling factions. Pray that God will show his power and shield many from injury and trauma. Pray that despite food shortages, each resident of the city will have sufficient food each day.
  • Lebanon is often mentioned in the Bible. It has by far the largest proportion of Christians of any Middle Eastern country, but both Christians and Muslims are sub-divided into many sects and denominations. According to Wikipedia, Lebanon’s population is over 6 million, with 1.5 million Syrians, at least half a million ‘Palestinian Arabs’ and at least 5,700 Iraqis. Pray that all will show solidarity in these testing times: Pray that God will show his compassion through cultures working together and forgetting hatred, which has marred the country’s history. Pray for reconciliation between neighbours and for leaders with integrity to be given all the resources they need.
  • Lebanon has been hostile towards Israel for many years but Israelis from all generations have offered solidarity with the Lebanese people, as seen in the picture below. Pray the media shows these stories without bias and with compassion. Pray that anti-Israel attitudes and antisemitism will be exposed and shaken off completely. Ask for the motives and actions of Hezbollah to be exposed and dealt with.
  • Decades of corruption and poverty lead to lack of hope. Yeshua (Jesus) is our hope, living in us. Pray and encourage others to pray when you hear conversations about the situation in Lebanon. Young people could be the catalyst for change, but some see no future in Lebanon. Pray for the rescuers, the teams who lost colleagues in the disaster, and for the aid organisations, both now and regarding a long-term solution.
  • Pray for safety of the Lebanese people and a just response to the protests for change. Pray the schemes of the enemy will be defeated and the spirit of chaos and lawlessness is broken so that peace can reign in the hearts and vision of the country.

Many are the plans in a person`s heart, but it is the LORD`s purpose that prevails.
Proverbs 19:21

Tel Aviv City Hall illuminated with Lebanese Flag

Tel Aviv City Hall illuminated with the Lebanese Flag


Julia Soakell

August 2020