Like us, you may be concerned for the younger generation in our nation and for those in our churches to have a full understanding of Scripture and the Biblical perspective on Israel – especially its relevance to our times.

Last year the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2017 was ‘youthquake.’ The definition: “a significant cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.”  This was said to have been “seen to be the result of a climate of deepening political unrest.”

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Many were concerned when we saw the rise of Momentum, Young Labour and left-wing activists, whose voices were heard at festivals like Glastonbury – some even engaging in anti-Semitic propaganda. There has been an alarming rise in this type of activism in UK universities. One view is that this movement was the reason for the Conservatives losing their majority in last year’s election.

Our nation is in a season of unrest, and we really need to pray that we are aligning ourselves with the word of God and with absolute truth – i.e. God’s definitions, not our own definitions, nor our own opinions. Perhaps it’s best to ask the Lord about these and then only share our convictions. (Interestingly previous winners of the Word of the Year were: omnishambles, post-truth and selfie.)

The BBC News on 29th Jan 2018 seemed to dismiss the fact that we have experienced such a thing as a youthquake. It stated that: ‘A surge in youth turnout has often been cited as the reason for Labour`s unexpectedly strong performance in the 2017 election. The trouble is, it seems there was no such "youthquake", writes members of the British Election Study team.’ This team is said to be ‘the gold star measure of electoral behaviour’ and their research shows ‘there was very little change in turnout by age group between the 2015 and 2017 elections.’ The report can be seen here:

So how is it that bias in the media and even minority pressure groups is often heard above the truth? We know our Heavenly Father sees all things. As Christians we should pray and act, asking the Lord to push back the ‘untruths’ and let the balanced and truthful realities be seen. This will help the Jewish Community see that Christians love the roots of their faith and stand with them against anti-Semitism.

A few years ago I felt the Lord told me to pray for “a greater wave of intercessors in this season than ever before. If Ephesians 3 verse 20 is correct, God is able to do immeasurably more than we ask, or think, or imagine, according to the power that works within us.

Please join with me and pray to our great and awesome God that a “quake within our youth” may happen inside and outside of the Church, a quake of godly truth. And cry out for unbiased media coverage amongst the millennials in the United Kingdom and beyond! 

  • Pray that the teenagers and young adults in our churches receive excellent teaching, have good role models, feel a hunger for the word of God, and are able to channel their energies for the Kingdom of God.
  • Pray that those who have been brought up to understand the Hebraic roots of their faith, the correct biblical view of Israel and what the Lord says we should think and pray about, are encouraged to speak, debate or share their concerns with churches and even challenge them to ‘dig deeper’ into the word of God.
  • Pray that our influence through young adults in CFI and related ministries is protected and fuelled by the Lord, that these young adults will use social media well, and that God’s favour would be in all that’s discussed with passion, balance and integrity. Pray for young adults within the Zionist Federation too. Over 60% of UK population are active on social media now. Pray for an unparalleled harvest for God’s kingdom through it.
  • Pray for young Christians to be given influential jobs in the media in the nations, especially the UK.
  • Pray protection over CFI technologies, CFI Facebook and Twitter accounts and those who use and administer them.

Julia Soakell
February 2018