Have you been praying for the conflict in Ukraine and its repercussions over the last three months?

‘Comfort, comfort my people, says your God’ (Isaiah 40:1)

If you have a heart to pray for the people and land of Israel, you will be aware of scriptures that tell us to prepare for the times of shaking to come, to pray for Israel and her peace, completeness and more; the prophecies about the Jewish people coming back to the Land of Israel and how the Lord will achieve that. These days of upheaval are hitting the Ukrainian Jewish community hard as well as many others.

One prophecy tells of a time of the fishers and the hunters (Jeremiah 16:16). It describes the different seasons in which Jews in the diaspora would be connected with those willing to help them return to their Biblical homeland, perhaps in peaceful times. For example, when Christians helped Russian Jews to make Aliyah in the 1990s, for a new life in Israel.

The ‘time of the hunters’ is thought to be more of a description of what took place during the Nazi persecution of Jews and the Holocaust in the 1930s and 1940s. Now Jews in Ukraine are hearing a call to the safety offered by the government of Israel. Many thousands already have enough heritage paperwork to take up the process of leaving war-torn Ukraine. Different organisations and neighbouring nations, like Poland, are helping to transport these people to Israel.

CFI Jerusalem were the first ministry able to provide further practical help, through their distribution centre in central Jerusalem. Our staff there are greeting these refugees and helping with bedding, microwaves, kettles, and other practical needs. Having left in haste and fear, many have just a suitcase or two of clothes and a few precious belongings. Some actually left Ukraine with nothing.

Refugees receiving items from CFI JerusalemTiina with some refugees receiving items from the distribution centre.

Here are things you can pray for to bless Israel and the Jewish people from the Ukraine:

  • Pray for miracles of protection and rescue for all Ukrainians, but especially the Holocaust survivors experiencing great trauma again, now in their nineties, experiencing frightening situations when frail and having limited mobility. Pray they are invisible to dangers and Russian troops but visible to rescuers and care providers.
  • Pray for Tiina and other CFI Jerusalem staff who greet these people, some of whom have travelled alone, others with families. Younger women are typically travelling with children while their husbands are serving in the Ukrainian army. Many will have had very trying times. Pray for patience and insight for our staff, so they are able to take time and listen to those who need to unburden themselves or speak of their traumatic journeys to Israel.
  • Pray that we never run out of essential items to help them settle and become part of their new country and cultural setting. Pray that they learn the language quickly and can register their children for schools, and themselves for potential work.
  • Pray for the children who have seen and experienced terrible things, lost relatives, friends and much more. Pray for those grieving after losing family members, homes, belongings, lifestyles and more. Pray that hearts are healed, not bitter, and that they experience the Lord’s comfort.
  • Those making Aliyah have experienced hopelessness before fleeing from the danger. There is very little hope in returning to their old lives, so settling well and quickly is essential for this new life. Job qualifications aren’t often transferrable between nations, so pray for smooth experiences with bureaucracy, to provide these people with as much help as possible and let them see God’s hand in their lives for good, prompting them to reach out to God in prayer.  
  • Each visitor to the distribution centre receives a package of spiritual gifts, such as items for Shabbat and a Tanakh. Pray that these are a great comfort and blessing to each and every recipient, and that happy memories are made.

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Julia Soakell

June 2022