This month CFI and the Zionist Federation join together to lobby Parliament. This year’s theme is TEACHING TO HATE, which highlights the nature of the Palestinian Authority’s School Curriculum.

Lobby Group

Over 25 years the Palestinian Authority (PA) has used a campaign of incitement of its own population through the delegitimisation and demonisation of Israel and its Jewish population. Independent academic organisations have identified part of that campaign as intolerance and lies in the textbooks used in teaching all age groups of Palestinian children.

In the PA curriculum there is repeated encouragement of violence, martyrdom and jihad across all grades – it is extensive and sophisticated, showing a spectrum of extreme nationalist ideas and Islamic ideology even in maths and science lessons. Any hopes for peace are dashed by such teaching and any recognition of the legitimacy of a Jewish presence in Israel is absent. 

This is an area of great concern that needs much prayer

  • Please pray forthese young people’s minds to be protected from such hate; for teachers and parents to reject these methods of teaching and find a better way forward.
  • Pray for leaders to be challenged by God to have the best intentions for all in their care, providing a balanced education grounded in academic studies and social skills, where tolerance and co-existence are encouraged for the good of all in schools and societies.
  • Pray that the UK church sees Israel in a biblical sense – Israel is not a perfect nation, but it is a democracy. Israel is a people and a land set apart for God’s purposes and its future will be a blessing to all 66 cultures within it. Indeed, the Bible says it will be a blessing to all nations.  Pray that believers in the UK will see the need to pray for the younger generations in particular – both Arabs and Jews who live in Israel – that they will reject the ways of hatred and intolerance.
  • Pray for our MP’s to gain a better understanding of this troubling system of education and to persuade the Government to act on behalf of the younger generation in all of Israel – Jews and Arabs.
  • Pray for all who are affected by the trauma and physicalscars of the violence of recent decades – don’t forget this generation will have known no other situation. Pray that they will reject lies and look for better solutions in everyday life.
  • Pray for young people to show on socialmedia that Israel is a good place to live, grow up, be educated and work, despite the complexity of the political situation.
  • Pray that CFI will be a blessing through projects that ‘touch’ the lives of many in Israel, as the Lord tells us to in the Bible.


Julia Soakell

March 2020