Our Annual Conference this year was a blessing to many, and will continue to be so through the four messages available on our YouTube channel. We give thanks to God for his provision and leading on so many issues we hadn’t needed to consider in previous years. 
Book cover - The Jewish Jesus

The central message from our main speaker, David Hoffbrand (a Jewish believer from Brighton) was about ‘The Jewish Jesus’ and based on his book of the same title, which is still available from our office or online through our Web shop.

David’s message and delivery was refreshing. He spoke about reconnecting with our Jewish Bible, our Jewish Saviour, and the truth about Israel – not always seen and appreciated by churches. The views on Israel around the world, held by governments, church denominations, people of no faith and people belonging to faiths, are contrary to all that Israel stands for. Sadly, those views adversely affect policy, teaching and behaviour towards the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.  
There should always be a challenge for us when we absorb such great teaching and insights:

What do we do with this information?
What does God want these new concepts to look like for us and for the world?

  • David spoke first about the need to REWIRE – read the Bible without ‘religion’. This advice must come to individual believers, pastors, theology colleges and leaders as a fresh revelation through the Holy Spirit and not through forced, unbalanced rhetoric or conversations that aren’t prayed for in advance. Pray about this as the Holy Spirit leads.
  • In his third message, David concentrated on the implications for the Church. Please pray about the way restoring the Jewishness of Jesus will bring depth and context to faith, then lead to understanding of the call on the Church to love and pray for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel.
  • Pray for CFI’s follow-up to the conference, as we produce the messages on CD, DVD and USB memory sticks, so that they can be a blessing to many more people. Pray too that many people will find the sessions on YouTube and discover a deep appreciation of the Scriptures and the messages shared.
  • Pray that as a ministry we are led to stock books and other resources that bring life and light at an accessible level, often in shorter publications that suit a population who read differently than previous generations. Pray for revelation on these key subjects in a response to seeing the Jewishness of the Bible and of Jesus. Pray that UK churches will adopt a love for Israel and stand with the Jewish people
  • Pray that we all ‘step up’ as God directs in response to the challenges both David and Clare brought. How do we as individuals embrace the Jewishness of Jesus and what does that look like?  How do we emerge from the pandemic and see the Return of Jesus in a new perspective?
  • How can we, and every Israel-loving ministry, be a blessing to churches in light of David’s comment that seeing Jesus in his Jewish context, life and ministry, will lead to a love and appreciation of Israel? Pray that each of us is led uniquely and fervently.
  • Pray for staff and volunteers who work for CFI UK, that we will be available for the divine appointments God plans for us, and be a blessing to the Church by encouraging understanding, challenging prejudice and assisting community here as our literature depicts.

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Julia Soakell

October 2021