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Paperback, 169 pages

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Ruth: Uncovering Hidden Treasures

Author: Mo Tizzard

Product code: B509

The New is in the Old Concealed..

Mo takes her readers on an exciting journey through the verses of Ruth to show us how this Old Testament book links so clearly to the New Testament gospel and to our lives today.  She uncovers the meaning behind many of the Hebrew words and discovers hidden treasures in the history, the genealogies, the laws and the customs of the day.  This book reveals how together, a Gentile, a Jew and their Redeemer, paint a wonderful picture of the Father’s plan of salvation.

Each section has been given a heading for the reader to refer to, these include….

• Rest and Remain 

• Patriarchal Blessing

• Redemption and the Year of Jubilee

• Our Day of Atonement

• The Test of Bitter Waters

About the Author

Mo Tizzard

Mo (Maureen) Tizzard is a Bible teacher and author of several books. Together with her husband Bill she has been involved in training and mentoring in YWAM schools and churches over the years, as well as speaking to ladies groups.