`Israel, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love
and with him is full redemption.`  (Psalm 130:7)

Politically there has been a lot of unrest in Israel over the vaccine and other policy matters. The borders have been closed to most people for such long periods of time that the usually buoyant economy has been hit hard by lack of tourists. Beyond the country’s borders the enemy is stirring up Israel’s enemies, so the nation, it’s government and military have been preparing for war.

Those who stand against Israel, wanting to ‘drive her into the sea’, do so in the spirit of Amalek – which is antisemitism on a national scale. You may see antisemitism on a personal or local scale, so please pray that more would understand that this is also anti-God and anti-Bible and is abhorrent to God.  Please bring these things before the Lord:

  • Firstly, we give thanks for the ordinances of God: his patterns and principles, for his provision for all mankind. Praise him as the Creator and Promise Keeper to each of us and to Israel.
  • Pray for Israel’s government and citizens: to see their need to look to the Lord, have divine wisdom, and turn to Scripture for their guidance. Use Scripture to guide you and lead these prayers.
  • This year is a Shmita – a Sabbatical Year in the Hebrew calendar. Farmers throughout Israel’s history give the whole of the land a seventh-year rest. On behalf of the country this is a huge undertaking that wouldn’t happen in any other nation. Imagine – no work in the fields in a largely agricultural setting! It allows the land to replenish but also shows a huge step of faith that God will provide anyway. Each cycle there is an increase in the number of farmers willing to do this. Amazing really, in these days and within a largely secular nation. It is an act of faith for them and their families. Precedence on this in Scripture comes in the story of Elijah and the provision of the ravens, of course, as well as the miracle of the oil and provision for the widow in the time of famine. Pray that those honouring this biblical commandment bear the favour of the Lord, a tangible sense of his provision and a supernatural revelation that speaks into each heart.
  • The Jewish People around the world now and in earlier generations have sowed in tears (Psalm 126:5) through persecution and pogroms, especially through the Nazi party and the Holocaust. This month sees Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January. Pray for the Jewish people around the world to hear the call of their God to return to their homeland for safety as antisemitism increases. Pray for those involved in the recent synagogue siege in US. Pray that each of us as believers can show, in big and small ways, that Christians want to be friends of Israel and repay the debt we owe for the Bible, the Saviour, and the Patriarchs; and recognise the need to repent for Christian antisemitism over last 2,000 years.
  • Pray for CFI Links, staff and trustees as they plan many events: ask for increased understanding, compassion and education through those events. Where you can, watch and comment to media outlets for sympathetic and useful coverage of these events and national commemorations.
  • Pray for the unique new photographic exhibition I have been able to develop for educational purposes. Titled ‘Echoes of Sorrow’, it is a presentation of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp which we would like to be used by Links and supporters around the UK; always for God’s glory, all for the kingdom.

Thank you for standing in prayer with CFI for Israel.

Julia Soakell

January 2022