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Paperback, 163 pages

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A Detail of History

Author: Arek Hersh MBE

Product code: B511

The harrowing true story of a boy who survived the Nazi Holocaust

Born in Sieradz in Poland in 1928, Arek was the fourth of five children. His family were Orthodox Jews. 

How do you survive when all your family have been taken from you and killed? How do you continue to live, when everything around you is designed to ensure certain death? Arek Hersh tells his story simply and honestly, a moving account of a little boy who made his own luck and survived. He takes us into the tragic world imposed on him that robbed him of his childhood. The depth of tragedy, strength of courage and power of survival will move you and inspire you. Contrary to assertions that the Holocaust years were a mere `detail of history`, Arek Hersh gives us a glimpse into the greatest catastrophe that man has ever inflicted on fellow man.


About the Author

Arek Hersh MBE

Arek Hersh met his wife Jean at a dance in Leeds at the age of 32. They have three children and several grandchildren. In 1995, as part of his first public discussion of his Holocaust experiences, Hersh published his book, A Detail of History. All the proceeds go to the Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre, where he often gives presentations about his experience.