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A History of Christian Zionism in Britain

Author: Dr James Patrick

Product code: BT119

Where does Britain`s interest in, respect for and appreciation of Jewish people, their history - and the influence of Judaism, come from? - It`s love for the Jewish people.

In November 1917, Britian issued the Balfour Declaration, which the League of Nations then incorporated into the Mandate for Palestine.  Its purpose was fulfilled with the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.  But why was it Britain, rather than any other country, who led the nations in restoring the Jewish people to their ancient homeland?  

This booklet surveys the key role played by Christians in the three centuries of British political activism for Jewish national restoration.  It also traces the influences upon this idea back into far earlier times, beyond the failures of the mediaeval period and into the era of the Celtic saints.

This CONTEXT booklet by Dr James Patrick gives a good overview of British history in relation to the Jewish people.

About the Author

Dr James Patrick

James Patrick is a biblical scholar with degrees from Cambridge and Oxford.  He has been axctively engaged with the Jewish community for many years and more recently with the European Coalition for Israel.

James is a member of Emmanuel Church in Oxford serving in crèche and with deaf support, and he also attends his local Chabad synagogue each week.  He grew up in Papua New Guinea, and his childhood passion for the Bible led him into university degrees in theology, still ongoing.