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Paperback, 253 pages

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A Principle and A Promise

Author: Sharon Sanders

Product code: B528

How to receive God`s Blessing

God`s promises to Abram echo down through the corridors of time as we study Genesis 12:2-3. Anyone, believer or non-believer, rich or poor, who blesses the Jewish people through kindness and mercy, will please God. The scriptural principle will never change. As the church worldwide, we need to see the importance of how we touch the apple of God`s eye. Let us forfeit no more blessings by ignoring God`s promise to bless. If the offshoot of biblical Judaism (Christianity), which sprang from the original olive tree (Israel), would begin to allow itself to be grafted back into its roots, spiritual blessings will come to congregations across the world. Christians do not have to become Jewish to love the Jewish people, but only love what God loves. They simply need to be a blessing.

About the Author

Sharon Sanders

Sharon Sanders is co-founder of the CFI Jerusalem office along with her husband Ray Sanders. As co-founder she is responsible for casting vision for the ministry.

Sharon is an ordained Minister through Christ For the Nations Bible College, Dallas, Texas.She is an accomplished writer and a former charter member of the Knesset Christian Allies Women’s Council.