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Time of Awakening, A - Part 2 (MP3)

God�s Eternal Covenant, Here Am I, Send Me Lord, Jerusalem: The Stumbling Block, Israel Is The FocalPoint

Authors: Anne Ayalon, Earl Cox, Carrie Hart, Kevin and Stacey Howard

Product code: MP669

In these four messages, Anne Ayalon discusses the benefits of Jewish-Christian relations, Earl Cox encourages advocacy for Israel, Carrie Hart looks at responses to Jerusalem as Israel�s capital, whilst Kevin & Stacey Howard talk about FocalPoint.

  • God’s Eternal Covenant: The Uniting of Christians and Jews 
    (7 minutes) ~ Anne Ayalon (campaigner and advocate for stronger Jewish-Christian relations)
    Gives an encouraging and inspiring talk showing her appreciation of the practical and social benefits to both Israel and the Christian constituency of enhanced relations through a variety of joint projects and initiatives.

  • Here Am I, Send Me Lord 
    (10 minutes) ~ Earl Cox (political adviser to US Presidents and advocate for Israel)
    Draws from his long experience of advocating for Israel, shows that everyone can be used by the Lord in this task as they draw upon the strength that God gives. This task is not restricted to special people, the Lord will use any who are willing to follow His leading and calling.

  • Jerusalem: The Stumbling Block 
    (20 minutes) ~ Carrie Hart (long-time Israel based journalist)
    Surveys the Biblical imperatives, historic and current responses to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the concern that lessons are not being learned.

  • Israel Is The FocalPoint: The Blessing Israel Brings to the World
    (13 minutes) ~ Kevin & Stacey Howard (Heads of CFI Jerusalem Media)
    Take the listener through the concept and progression of FocalPoint: the monthly TV programme providing positive, relevant, accurate and up-to-date analysis of Israel.

Please note: Simultaneous translation into Mandarin Chinese can be heard from time to time in the background of these messages. We have edited out as much of this as possible, but a few instances still remain.

About the Authors

Anne Ayalon

Wife of Israeli diplomat and politician Daniel Ayalon. Originally a Christian from Ohio, they met while she was on an internship in Israel. She is a campaigner and advocate for stronger Jewish-Christian relations. The couple have two daughters, Zohar and Avigail.

Earl Cox

Has been active in the political arena for over 30 years having served in senior level positions in the administrations of four U.S. Presidents. Presently along with his wife Kathleen, he is actively advocating for Israel. His message has been for the people of God, both Jew and Christian, to unite by laying aside denominational and racial differences.

He is a contributing writer for the Jerusalem Post Online Premium Christian Edition and was involved in the formation a Christian Leadership Council of Remembrance at Yad Vashem.

Carrie Hart

A long-time Israel based journalist, who moved to Jerusalem in 1995, she has worked in broadcast and print media for over 25 years. Hart holds Israeli government press credentials, her primary focus is analyzing Israel's political, military, and diplomatic strategies as they relate to the Middle East and the international community.

Kevin and Stacey Howard

Son in law and daughter of Ray & Sharon Sanders and currently head of CFI Jerusalem Media. Kevin presents the monthly `Focal Point`, a 30 minute programme bringing you positive, relevant, and Biblically balanced information on Israel.