”How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity” Psalm 133

The Lobby Day organised by the Zionist Federation and Christian Friends of Israel is an annual event, where Jews and Gentiles with a heart for Israel meet for a morning briefing and then move to a committee room in Parliament in the afternoon, to listen to pro-Israel MPs and Peers.

The outcome of the 2018 Lobby Day was very positive, despite snow and freezing temperatures keeping the numbers down. Approximately 100 people attended the day and the committee room was bursting at the seams!

The theme of ‘70 Achievements in 70 years’ was key to the success of the event – focusing away from political topics, and onto aspects such as the ‘chutzpah’ of the people of Israel, and her accolade of blessings to the world, whether social, medicinal, technological, cultural, etc.

The informative briefing in the morning comprised an address by Sharon Bar-li, Deputy Ambassador of Israel to the UK, followed by a Skype call from a representative of the Israel Defence Force, who spoke of the complex situations they face on all of Israel’s borders – and the resultant need for extreme vigilance.

Dozens of ZF and CFI supporters were able to meet their MPs during the day, while others have done so since. Some were pleasantly surprised by the interest shown by their MP, and some were able to ask for MPs to research more towards supporting Israel and highlight both media bias and anti-Semitism.

Now it’s important for us to pray:

* that these conversations with MP’s will bear much fruit - for the individual and for their role as a representative in Parliament;

* that the Lord would make MPs and Peers aware when hate crimes are reported, and pro-active in exposing them and supporting the victims;

* that they will be supportive and caring for any Jewish people in their constituencies, and that they will gain insight into the culture and the pressing needs of life here in the UK, the security of Jewish events, schools and synagogues;

* for protection of those MPs who are supportive of Israel and the Jewish people, to keep them, their offices, staff and families safe from hate and abuse;

* that all we do as friends of Israel would be a powerful witness to the Jewish people in the UK. Pray too that the good relationship we have with them through Jacob and the ground-breaking work of Geoffrey Smith, former CFI Director, will continue to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

* as anti-Semitism seems to be increasing in our universities, for Jewish students to be spared from intimidation, for a greater awareness in the media of this problem, and for the message from Student Unions and authorities to be that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in our places of learning;

* for your local churches to be more aware and supportive of the Jewish community, to be sensitive towards them – praying for divine appointments to befriend them, and see that there are Christians who stand with Israel and God’s purposes for her. 


Julia Soakell
March 2018