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Appointments with God (MP3)

Author: David Pileggi

Product code: MPS25

Very ably opens up perspectives on the Biblical Feasts of the LORD and (non-Biblical) Jewish holidays, helping to enrich our understanding of their background and explaining how they apply to our lives as 21st century disciples of the Jewish Messiah.

Learn how all of these dates in the Hebrew calendar still have great significance for Christians.

  • Shabbat (60 minutes)
  • Lizkor - Remember, Hannukah (70 minutes)
  • Shavuot (42 minutes)
  • Tishah B'Av (52 minutes)
  • Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur (75 minutes)
  • Succoth (50 minutes)
  • Purim, Independence Day (78 minutes)

About the Author

David Pileggi

Rector of Christchurch in the old City of Jerusalem and was for many years Director of the Shoresh Study Centre, also in Jerusalem. He has a deep knowledge of the land of Israel.