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Aspiration, Inspiration, Perspiration

How Technion Faculty & Graduates Fuse Creativity with Technology to Change the World

Authors: Shlomo Maital, Rafi Nave

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More than 100,000 Technion graduates over the years and thousands of faculty members, past and present, have changed the world through effective creativity.  This book tells the stories of 100 of them and their innovations, in their own words.

Creativity takes many forms.  We focus on technology-intensive and science-based innovation.  Many of the innovations described in this book are in daily use in our lives, often wihthout the beneficiaries being aware of their Technion origin.

Technion is a world-leading science and technology university, founded in 1912, long before the founding of the State of Israel.  It provides its graduates with cutting-edge science and technology education and motivates them to apply it in novel and useful ways to benefit society.  Like its counterparts all over the world, Technion shows how a relatively small world-class university, graduating only some 2,500 students a year, can impact the world far beyond its size and create value for the citizens of Israel and the world.

About the Authors

Shlomo Maital

Prof. Slomo Maital [born Richard Alan Malt*] is emeritus professor at Technion and senior research fellow at the Neaman Institute.  During 1998-2009, he served as Academic Director of TIM-Technion Institute of Management, and worked with some 200 high-tech companies (established and start-ups), and some 1,000 managers. For 20 years, he was a visiting professor at MIT Sloan School Management during the summers. He has written, co-authored or edited over a dozen books.

His current research focuses on the following topics:  SNI Wheel of Life (visual quantification of the quality of life in Israel); a method for fostering creative thinking; and editing a book on technology transfer from Academe to industry. 

He writes a regular column for the fortnightly magazine Jerusalem Report.

Rafi Nave

Rafi Nave has led a distinguished career as a leader of Israel`s High-tech sector. He served as Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Given Imaging, Chief Technology Officer of Tower Semiconductor and Vice President of Research and Development for NDS. In 2014 he joined Technion as head of the Bronica Entrepreneurship Center, and three years later became a senior researcher at the Samuel Neaman Institute.

He started his career at Intel Israel as chip design engineer in 1974 and later led the development of Intel’s 8087 math-coprocessor. He then served as General Manager of Intel Israel for five years, managing 200 engineers at the end of his role.

Nave has been awarded the Global Industry Leader Award at ChipEx2021 conference, the Rothschild Prize for Industrial Developers by the President of the State of Israel and the Intel Achievement Award.

His current research focuses on the following topics: industry 4.0, analysis of start-ups successes and failures and academia-industry relations.