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Paperback 149 pages

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Battling with Nazi Demons

Author: Werner Oder

Product code: B471

From anti-semitism to zionism - The astonishing journey of the son of an Austrian war criminal

Werner Oder's life has been full of dark secrets of what his father SS Scharfuhrer Wilhelm Oder, Chief instructor of the Sipo-SD School, Rabka, Poland (1941-3) had done. I have researched the SD School for over 30 years and I know what happened there in the name of National Socialism. In his amazing story Werner delved into a world of dark conspiracy to uncover the truth, that his father and others were complicit in the murder of approximately 2000 Jewish men, women and children. This is the extraordinary account of the son of a Nazi and his family life over which he had no control." - Dr Robin O'Neil, former Scotland Yard Police Major Crime Investigator and Hon. Research Fellow, Department of Hebrew Jewish Studies, University College London

About the Author

Werner Oder

Werner Oder is an internationally renowned Lecturer and Bible teacher, inspiring and empowering people to receive hope through learning the lessons from history. He has been Senior Pastor of Tuckton Christian Centre for over thirty years.