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Bible Time Line

Compare Bible, World & Middle East History

Author: Rose Publishing

Product code: BT115

Covers Genesis to Revelation in a glance showing hundreds of Biblical events, kings & prophets chronologically side-by-side with World and Middle East history. Gain a new perspective on the place and time of biblical history when you see the comparisons.


  • The Books of the Bible and the centuries in which events occurred
  • A special inset covering Creation to Abraham
  • Biblical eras such as Abraham to the Sojourn in Egypt, Moses and the Exodus, the Judges, the united Kingdom of Saul, David & Solomon, the divided Kingdoms of Israel & Judah, the Exile, Intertestamental Period, and ultimately, the New Testament
  • Lists key events such as the establishment of the Abrahamic Covenant, the First Passover, the Tabernacle, the Ten Commandments, the Kings & Prophets of Israel and Judah, the restoration of Jerusalem, the building of both Temples, the birth of John the Baptist, and more
  • World history time line includes events such as: the emergence of writing, the building of the pyramids, the first law code of Hammurabi, the Trojan war, the founding of Rome, the fall of Nineveh & Babylon, Alexander the Great’s conquests, Cleopatra’s rule, the fall of Masada, Josephus and numerous others
  • Middle East history time line includes: the Egyptian, Hittite, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman Empires, and many other historical facts

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About the Author

Rose Publishing

Rose Publishing is a Christian publisher with a mission to help people grow in their faith by creating products that help people understand the Bible and give Christian solutions to life`s problems. Rose Publishing started with two "Then and Now" Bible Maps in 1991 and a dream to make Bible teachings and basic Christian beliefs understandable to everyone. They expanded their line to Christian living topics that help people find the joy of growing through the good news of Jesus Christ. Rose Publishing creates full-color products (award-winning books, wall charts, pamphlets, DVD-based curriculum, and PowerPoints). They are designed for personal, church, small group, and school use, and are packed with easy-to-understand diagrams, illustrations, maps, photos, charts, and time lines to bring Christian teachings to life.