Study the prophetic scriptures and get to know God`s plan for Israel. An outline of biblical references to the restoration of Israel is available, but it is very important to read the whole Bible.

Read and learn all you can about Israel, her history and people. Check out our Online Shop for resources that may help you; also make use of our weekly Middle East News Report, monthly Watchman’s Prayer Letter and quarterly In Touch magazine.

Discover the Jewish roots of Christianity and of the New Testament, perhaps starting with our popular Kesher course.

If you have been on CFI UK’s mailing list for a year or more and can obtain the endorsement of your church leader/pastor/minister, you might like to consider being a Church Link.

This role involves advertising forthcoming events, encouraging people to pray for CFI, liaising with the nearest CFI Regional Link, and perhaps getting involved with a local group that prays for Israel.