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Catch the Jew!

Author: Tuvia Tenenbom

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Catch the Jew! recounts the adventures of Journalist Tuvia Tenenbom, who wanders around Israel and the Palestinian Authority  for seven months - sometimes at grave risk to his life - in search of the untold truths in today's Holy Land.  From the self-hating intellectuals in Tel Aviv to the self-promoting PLO execs in Ramallah, from the black-clad ultra-orthodox of Jerusalem to the glowing foreign human rights activists in Nablus, Tenenbom takes on the people of the land, getting to know them and disarming them as he breaks bread and mingles with anyone and everyone. By turns poignant, enraging and laugh-out-loud funny, this unprecedented, eye-opening book lays bare the intensity of a turbulent land, person by person, city by city, and meal by meal.  You will never look at Israel the same way again.

"Tenenbom's riveting tale, chock full of unbelievable and hilarious encounters, is highly engaging and emotional, eminently readable, brutually honest, and likely the most uncensored and eye-opening report readers will see"  

Publisers Weekly, starred review March 2015

"One of the funniest books I've read in years - and one of the most heartbreaking"

Yossi Klein Halevi, senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute

About the Author

Tuvia Tenenbom

Tuvia Tenenbom is the author of the Spiegel Top-10 best seller "I sleep in Hitler's Room" (German) and the #1 best seller in Israel "Catch the Jew!" (Hebrew). He is a regular columnist for Zeit Online and the Forward. Tuvia, who holds advanced degrees in both literature and mathematics, is also the founder and artistic director of the Jewish Theatre of New York.

Tuvia is a Haaretz best-selling author, journalist and dramatist. He studied for his doctorate in English literature at St. John's University, earned his MFA in Playwriting at CUNY-Brooklyn, BS in mathematics and computer science at Touro and finished his rabbinical studies in Jerusalem. He also studied Christianity and Islam in Israel and New York.