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CFI-UK 2021 Annual Conference

Embracing the Jewish Jesus and King

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Recorded live at our 2021 Annual Conference

David Hoffbrand is an author, speaker and singer-songwriter who is based in brighton and shares oversight responsibilities for CityCoast Church, Brighton, with his wife Denise.  David delivers three messages about reading the Bible without religion so as to get a more accurate picture of Jesus, his identity, his teaching and the way he wants Gentile and Jewish believers to live for him.

Clare served for more than 20 years with her husband Shaun, minister of a Baptist church in Stanmore, North London.  She highlights the significance of Christ`s forthcoming return and its relevance to us within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Session 1 - The Jewish Jesus (David Hofbrand)
Session 2 - The Church and Israel (David Hoffbrand)
Session 3 - One New Man (David Hoffbrand)
Session 4 - Jesus Returning as King (Clare Lambert)