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Total running time approx. 3 hrs

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CFI UK 2020 Annual Conference (DVD)

Author: Various

Product code: D154

4-DVD Set

Pre-recorded for CFI-UK`s 2020 Annual Conference and premiered online via YouTube 4th & 5th September.

Session 1:  Understanding Israel Biblically
(39 minutes) Mark Durie

There are few subjects on which Christians are so divided as the status of Israel. Mark offers a concise summary of biblical support for the restoration of Israel as a land and nation.

Session 2:  Challenges Israel Faces
(49 minutes) Mark Durie

This presentation explores the spiritual roots of hatred directed against the Jews and against Israel, both by its neighbours, and by ideologies and nations outside the Middle East. It also notes implications of the increasing fracturing of the Islamic Middle East for Israel’s security.

Session 3: Israel & Church Today 
(49 minutes) Mark Durie

This presentation explores reasons why some Christians do not accept the legitimacy of Israel. After noting the important role of Christians in the founding of modern Israel, and the continuing contribution, a warning is offered concerning consequences for the church when it rejects and refuses to share in God’s passion for Israel.

Session 4:  The Next Generation
(40 minutes) Clive & Jane Urquhart (with guests)

What is our right response to Israel as individuals, church and nation? The focus of this session is the upcoming generation, looking at how their understanding can and is being enhanced through contemporary communication.

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