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PAL, 46 minutes

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Chosen (DVD)

Authors: The Ezra Foundation, Jacob Vince, Various

Product code: D121

Looks at the purpose and plans of God concerning Israel and tackles tough questions surrounding its relationship with the Church. Israel`s issues aren`t restricted to a far flung Middle Eastern country but have a direct impact on our daily Christian walk.

Many of us are comfortable to reach the lost and to spread the good news of salvation but we often distance ourselves from elements in the Bible that we feel don’t apply to our lives. What do you have to do with Israel? Have you been fulfilling God’s mandate for your life concerning Israel?

This relaunched DVD filmed in 2012, starts with an overview of the challenges Israel faces in the wider region, using art and graphics. 

Featuring interviews with:

  • Jacob Vince | Chief Executive, Christian Friends of Israel
  • David Hathaway | Founder, Eurovision
  • Pamela and Samuel Suran | Israeli Tour Guides
  • Daniel Bacall | Public Affairs, The Embassy of Israel in London
  • Amir Sagie | Director, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Mark Regev | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Spokesperson
  • Luke Akhurst | Director, We Believe in Israel
  • Tim Gutmann | Mordecai’s Voice

About the Authors

The Ezra Foundation

A non-denominational Christian organisation, The Ezra Foundation develops and creates thought provoking documentaries on a range of Christian issues. They seek to provide Christians with short films that allow them to have a greater understanding of God`s word and thereby help them to advocate effectively around the Christian perspective on issues in society.

Jacob Vince

Became Chief Executive of CFI-UK in 2010. He holds a masters degree in property valuation and law, and is by profession a Chartered Surveyor.

He worked on a kibbutz in the late 1970s and lived in Jerusalem in the early 1980s. He is a Church Commissioner serving on the Board of Governors and a member of the General Synod of the Church of England.


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