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Booklet, 34 pages

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Christians, Israel and the Struggle for Peace

Author: Geoffrey Smith

Product code: BT22

Looks at Britain`s role in Israel`s restoration as well as the Biblical, historical, demographical, legal, strategic and political issues of the Middle East conflict, asking how Christians can approach them with a concern for both truth and compassion.

How can Jews, Muslims and Christians live together in peace in the Holy Land? Where is the West Bank and how should it be governed? Can there be security for Israel and dignity for the Palestinian people?
This relaunched booklet in our `Israel in Context` series helps us to come to grips with these issues from different perspectives, whilst holding together a concern for truth and compassion.  

There are hard decisions to be made as the region faces the choice of spiralling conflict or a commitment to reconciliation, development and cooperation.  There is a challenge to the Church in the UK to engage both with the Bible and with the political process.

About the Author

Geoffrey Smith

After over 10 years of service with Christians Friends of Israel (UK), including the post of UK Director of he retired in the Spring of 2010. In the early 1990s he and his wife lived and worked in Jerusalem for three years at Christ Church.

Prior to that he worked in Africa and the Pacific, and was a member of the Secretariat team for meetings of Commonwealth Education, Law and Health ministers, as well as Deputy Secretary of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.