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Paperback, 132 pages

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Come and Worship

Ways to Worship from the Hebrew Scriptures

Author: Barbara Malda

Product code: B459

We were created to worship. God has graciously given us many ways to express our praise to him. This companion to His Names Are Wonderful is divided into nine parts, each one being a Hebrew word for praise with arranged scriptures to support them.

Ecclesiastes explains that there is a time for everything just as each form of worship has its place to fit a different situation or moment in life. Some expressions may be quiet or meditative, and other may be loud and expressive, but all are intended to bring honour and glory to him. 

From silence to antiphonal choirs of hundreds, from functioning in his gifts to walking in his fruit, from heart attitude to outward show, all of our worship is hinged on faith; how we walk, see, hear, and think is all coloured by our faith in him and how deep that trust is.

When we believe that he is who he says he is [see His Names are Wonderful] and that his Word is true, worship flows naturally from our heart to his.

About the Author

Barbara Malda

Barbara has studied Hebrew and attends a congregation in Michigan, teaching Davidic dance and worship.