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138 minutes

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Coming Kingdom, Final Judgement (CD)

Author: Joseph Frankovic

Product code: CDS84

The sages communicated their thoughts and teachings specifically in relationship to their views of the `Kingdom of Heaven`. It was the term they often used when referring to God. Jesus taught in the same way.

Joseph Frankovic explores these Scriptural links in translations, other than Hebrew. Lectures for serious Bible students.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven (40 minutes)
  • The Coming Kingdom  (49 minutes)
  • The Final Judgement  (49 minutes)

About the Author

Joseph Frankovic

Graduated with a Master of Arts degree in American Studies from Northeastern State University. He holds additional degrees in other disciplines, including Biblical Literature, Classical Studies, and Midrash. He earned these degrees at state and private universities and accredited Jewish and Christian seminaries.