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Paperback, 121 pages

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Defending Christian Zionism

Author: David Pawson

Product code: B358

In light of current attacks on Christian Zionism by some evangelical Anglican writers, David Pawson's response teaches that Christians need very clear Biblical understanding before making political pronouncements about conflict in the Middle East.

The following are just some of the questions that this book covers:

  • Has God brought the Jewish people back to Israel?
  • How can both Jews and Christians be God's chosen people?
  • How many covenants are there in the Bible?
  • Do all Christian Zionists accept dispensational teaching?
  • Does the God of Israel ever change his promises?

About the Author

David Pawson

David Pawson is well known to countless Christians as an outstanding Bible teacher and author. His teaching through television and other media is received by many millions around the world. He explains the meaning of the Bible clearly, encouraging Christians to go back to Scripture and consider its teaching for themselves. This author occupies a key position amongst British Christian writers, with many high-volume titles in print, distributed worldwide. His clear, lively writing holds great appeal.