Current Affairs

70 Achievements in 70 Years
A Zionist Federation list celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration of the State of Israel

A new beginning in the Middle East?
Brief article about the Israeli / Palestinian conflict following the death of Yasser Arafat.

Brief facts about Israel
Political and historical facts about Israel

Casualty Figures in the Hamas-Israel War
Civilian casualties reported in the Hamas-Israel War have caused anguish around the world, prompting demands for an immediate ceasefire.

Disappearing Christians in the Middle East
Article by Daniel Pipes, publihed in Middle East Forum.

Hamas and the Christian Community
How would Hamas` victory in 2006 affect Christians living in the area controlled by the Palestinian Authority?

Eight page article about Jerusalem, written by Derek White

Open Letter to the Iona Community
CFI UK response to the Position Statement on Israel/Palestine by the Iona Community in January 2017.

Possible Israeli Annexation of Disputed Territory in 2020
Many British MPs are concerned about Israel`s plans, but their arguments raise important questions.

The trials of Palestinian believers under the PA
Brief article by a believer in Jerusalem

Whose land?
Brief article by Derek White about the land of Israel, updated February 2024.

Will the Gaza evacuation bring peace?
Brief article by Nonie Darwish, a freelance writer who grew up in Gaza.