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Dwell in the Land (2024-25)

Author: Galilee Calendar Company

Product code: C45

16 Month Biblical Heritage Calendar featuring a photo selection of Biblical Israel

September 2024 - December 2025.

  • Major Biblical/Jewish and Israeli holidays with explanation, plus major U.S. holidays
  • Scriptures in English and Hebrew
  • Dates in both Jewish/lunar and gregorian/solar calendar systems
  • Sabbath beginning and ending times
  • Weekly Torah, Haftarah and suggested New Testament portions, plus holiday readings
  • Sabbath and holiday readings (noted on the calendar dates) are also listed in a removable chart format, to enable insertion into your Bible
  • Messianic prophecies from the Tanach (Hebrew bible) and their fulfillment in the New Testament
  • Aleph Bet
  • The Lord`s Appointed Times
  • A selection of traditional and messianic blessings

Extra Images

GC-2024-2025-DwellInTheLand_Page_02.jpg GC-2024-2025-DwellInTheLand_Page_03.jpg GC-2024-2025-DwellInTheLand_Page_05.jpg GC-2024-2025-DwellInTheLand_Page_09.jpg Untitled4.jpg GC-2024-2025-DwellInTheLand_Page_38.jpg GC-2024-2025-DwellInTheLand_Page_35.jpg

About the Author

Galilee Calendar Company

Galilee Calendar Company began in 1999 as part of The Galilee Experience in Tiberias, Israel. In 2005 Eric and Terri Morey - the founders of Galilee Experience - founded a home congregation and in 2008 they retired from GE to become more active in the congregation.

Galilee Calendar Company is now operated as a tent-making business from their home. It continues to produce calendars which are distributed in Europe, North America and Israel and which help believers connect with Israel and the Hebraic roots of their faith.