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Paperback, 93 pages. Last remaining copy

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Enter His Gates to Your Jewish Roots

Author: Susan Marcus

Product code: B167

An introductory journey explaining celebrations, blessings and traditional objects used in Biblical times by Jesus and are still in use today in Jewish homes and synagogues. Discover the answers to how, why and with what Jesus celebrated his Faith.

All over the world, followers of Yeshua (Jesus) are showing an enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more about the Jewish foundations of their Faith and are aspiring to understand the Roots of His teachings.

The explanations are colourful, inviting and easy to read and understand. This book is to be used and enjoyed, to encourage and enrich your spiritual walk.

For each object or celebration discussed, the reader will find illustrations, stories and prayers. There are even traditional recipes for the reader to try and games to be played. 

After reading this book, readers will be able to create holiday celebrations and use the objects Jesus used in His devotions to the Almighty!

About the Author

Susan Marcus

Born and raised in Boston, educated at university of Hartford, Boston Hebrew College and Hebrew University, Susan taught Russian Jewish History, Holocaust, and Hebrew studies in the Jewish school system of greater Hartford, Connecticut.

After making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) in 1977, she became a licenced tour guide. Specialising in Biblical and archaeological studies, the State of Israel has often featured her to represent them on teaching tours. She has been interviewed regularly by television and radio as well as many newspapers concerning current events in the Middle East.

Susan and her husband Aaron live in the Biblical city of Modi'in where she actively continues her ministry of teaching throughout the land of Israel.