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Eternal Purpose of God (MP3)

Author: Lance Lambert

Product code: MPS40

Recorded in Jerusalem, Bible-teacher and experienced commentator Lance Lambert presents a bird's eye view of the Bible in the light of God's eternal purpose. The position of the Believer, the Bride of Yeshua, and Israel are defined in this special series.

  • The Eternal Purpose of God - What Is It (70 minutes)
  • The Construction Materials of the Eternal City (76 minutes)
  • The Lion of the Tribe of Judah (75 minutes)
  • The Eternal Purpose of God - the Overcomer (77 minutes)

About the Author

Lance Lambert

Lance Lambert is one of the most distinguished Bible scholars and speakers in Israel today, and has an itinerant teaching ministry worldwide. Born in 1931, Lance grew up in Richmond, Surrey, and came to know the Lord at twelve years of age. Having discovered his Jewish ancestry, Lance became an Israeli citizen in 1980 and now has his home next to the Old City of Jerusalem. His father and many members of his family died in the Holocaust.

Lance Lambert produces a widely-appreciated audio recording called the Middle East Update (available via subscription from CFI-UK), which gives his unique perspective on current events in the Middle East, in the light of God�s Word. He has written numerous books and is presenter of the DVD video production, Jerusalem, the Covenant City.