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Paperback, 92 Pages

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God`s Faithfulness to Israel

Author: Stuart Cunliffe

Product code: B538

The Jews were God’s chosen people. Are they still God’s chosen people?
We owe a tremendous debt to the Jews. The Bible patriarchs were Jews. The Old Testament prophets were Jews. Jesus is a Jew. The Jews wrote the Old Testament. The Jews (with the possible exception of two books) wrote the New Testament. The early Jewish apostles not only risked but gave their lives to bring the gospel to the gentiles. All the knowledge of God that we have has come to us, directly or indirectly, through the Jews. Do we have a debt that still needs to be repaid?

This book, as it traces the Jews’ past, present, and future, provides valuable insights into the Christian faith.
One thing stands out in this remarkable story: the amazing faithfulness of God.

About the Author

Stuart Cunliffe

The late Stuart Cunliffe was a retired Christian Minister.