`Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding ...` (Proverbs 3:5)

These are unprecedented days, in that never has such a global pandemic touched a world so ‘connected’ with technology before. But we can remind ourselves that any crisis, whether personal or national, is an opportunity for God.

Coronavirus map 11th April 2020 (WHO)

As technology and heightened media interest show us the shocking effects of the coronavirus hitting every aspect of life, we can pray that Israel will be seen differently as a result of this time.

Much of Israel’s foundations and laws are based on a unique, supreme value that God has placed on human life, sometimes referred to as tikkun olam – which literally translated is ‘repairing the world’.

This attitude to life is often ignored by the mainstream press, but in these last weeks and months, Israel and the Jewish community around the world have proved to be generous people with great integrity.  They value life and family as precious, and have helped many nations in various compassionate ways.

A few examples:

  • Israelis have produced a 3D-printed anti-viral sticker for face masks to prevent as many medical staff as possible from contracting COVID-19.
  • In response to high demand, low-cost ventilators have been developed quickly and the design published online to help others combat the virus.
  • Israel has blessed other nations during the pandemic with ventilators, and even offered help across its borders to those who would be classed as enemies.
  • Israel’s Prime Minister has given families with children and pensioners an extra financial gift to help during the coronavirus crisis.
  • In natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes, Israel are often first on the scene to give aid, assist in primary care and save lives.
  • Israel’s government showed solidarity and gave assistance to Australian communities during the wildfires recently, where some people lost all their possessions. Many gifts from Israeli organisations were sent to help families start new lives after the fires.

Pray that the Lord guides Israel in its fight to overcome the virus through academic and technological advances.

Pray that the world sees and experiences that ‘Israel is a blessing to the nations’ (Genesis 12:1).

Pray that Christians see this as a fulfilment of prophecy and see that God never reneges on his promises.

Pray for unbiased coverage of Israel’s integrity and that greater understanding comes from these and other stories.  This will help towards a greater openness towards the Jewish people and will help the fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric.

Pray for social media platforms, especially CFI’s Facebook, Twitter and You Tube, as we try to assist with balanced and biblical perspectives.  Pray for the protection of these sites and that more young believers will enquire and engage in seeing Israel in a biblical way, as well as a forerunner of democracy and integrity.


Julia Soakell

April 2020