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Paperback, 287 pages

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From Yellow Star to Pop Star

Author: Dorit Oliver-Wolff

Product code: B526

An Inspirational Story of Survival and Success

It is not that I want to remember, it is simply that I cannot forget.

When Dorit Oliver was just four years old she sang and danced in front of the future king of Yugoslavia. By six years old she was in hiding from the German soldiers who were rounding up and transporting her fellow Jews to concentration camps around Europe.

Years of terror follow, with narrow escapes from capture and bombing raids plus betrayals by those she thought were her friends until, at last, she and her mother are rescued from the cellar in which they are hiding. Singing helps her survive those dark days.

But the Holocaust is only part of Dorit`s amazing story. After the war, stateless and without papers, she joins a touring dance troupe in order to be permitted to travel. She studies by day and sings and dances in seedy clubs by night until a talent scout spots her and then her story really begins.

Tense, moving and inspirational, Dorit`s remarkable story takes the reader through fear and horror, to freedom and joy and shows how the bravery and fortitude of one little Jewish girl helped her survive the holocaust and become a star.

About the Author

Dorit Oliver-Wolff

Dorit Oliver-Wolff is an accomplished public speaker and is dedicated to educating others about the consequences of the Holocaust. She has appeared on numerous interviews on local and national radio stations including the Saturday Live show on Radio 4, and was featured in a documentary for BBC One`s Inside Out programme to mark the 70th anniversary of the Holocaust. Dorit was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 by Sovereign Radio Station and was nominated for the Resident of the Year in 2013 by Eastbourne Gazette and Eastbourne Herald. On Holocaust Memorial Day on 3rd February 2015 Dorit received one of the limited run of medals given out to Holocaust survivors by George Osbourne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, for her work with the schools, colleges and communities across the United Kingdom that offer educational programmes about the Holocaust to their students. Dorit works closely with the Holocaust Educational Trust, which works to raise awareness and understanding of the Holocaust and its relevance today.

Dorit has two children and five grandchildren and lives in East Sussex.

For further information on Dorit visit her website: For further information on the Holocaust Educational Trust, please visit