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God, Family And Community (MP3)

Author: John Garr

Product code: MPS117

An overview of the Biblical texts and anthropology that illuminates God's design by which He produced humanity as male and female, joined them together into family, and beyond that, into a community of 'heaven on earth' - His original design for humanity.

In this 6-part series, Dr John D. Garr presents a set of inspirational, provocative studies of Biblically Hebraic truth about humanity, family, and community as reflections of the image and likeness of God in the earth.

  • God's Relational Nature As family (60 minutes)
  • Humanity in God's Image and Likeness (59 minutes)
  • God-Designed Biblical Womanhood (60 minutes)
  • Greek Misogyny and Christian Women (59 minutes)
  • Biblically Hebraic Manhood (55 minutes)
  • Foundations for Hebraic Community (48 minutes)

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About the Author

John Garr

Founder and president of Hebraic Heritage Christian Center, an international, trans-denominational, multi-ethnic networking organisation that serves as an educational resource to the entire Christian Church.

An academician with a pastor's heart, Dr. Garr is able to contextualise biblical truths in terms that laypersons can understand. He challenges believers to a biblically sound Christocentric faith that is grounded in the Hebraic heritage of Jesus and the apostles.

Click here to see a brief introduction of Dr. Garr's ministry