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Hardback, 480 page

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God is for Us

52 Readings from Romans

Author: Simon Ponsonby

Product code: B455

52 weekly chapters focused around the book of Romans, bringing Paul`s greatest letter to life. Blending careful theological and historical detail with illuminating application, this work is somewhat more substantial than most devotionals.

No other New Testament epistle has such scope and depth: Touching on every major theological theme, Romans is intellectually and theologically massive. 

This remarkable epistle has had a huge impact on the Church over the Centuries: Augustine of Hippo, the great architect of Western theology, was converted while reading Romans. Martin Luther`s encounter with the text led to a personal revival and the European Reformation. 

Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones refused to teach on Romans for decades until he had grappled with and understood chapter 6. This passionate, illuminating devotional will prove to be a potent means of grace and growth.

“I absolutely loved it…A great companion to the book of Romans”                                Tim Hughes

"Tackles the towering truths contained in Romans with freshness and immediacy... it deserves the widest possible readership."
Eleanor Mumford 

"This is how all biblical commentaries should be written."
Dr Lucy Peppiatt

"Christian teachers and preachers have been waiting years for a good, contemporary and freshly inspiring work on Romans. Here it is at last."
Canon Robin Gamble

"Aimed not only at the intellect, but also at the heart and will, it is a treasure trove of preaching and teaching illustrations."
Dr Rich Nathan

"If I could only choose one person to hear preach the whole way through Romans, I honestly think Simon Ponsonby would be at the top of my list."
Rev`d Pete Hughes 

About the Author

Simon Ponsonby

A 4th generation preacher, Simon came to a personal faith in his late teens. He became an evangelist, street preacher and church planter in his early 20s, before preparing for Anglican ordination at Trinity College Bristol where he earned two degrees in theology. From 1995 Simon served a curacy in inner city Bradford before his appointment in 1998 as ‘the Oxford Evangelical Pastorate Chaplain’ to Oxford undergraduates.

In 2005 Simon became Pastor of Theology at St Aldates Church, Oxford a role involving teaching, writing and serving the wider church, across the denominations, at home and abroad as a conference speaker and teacher. He is Dean of Studies for an Oxford-based European church planting programme, and an Associate Tutor at Wycliffe Hall. Simon has written several books on doctrine, spirituality and practical theology.