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CFI UK 2019 Annual Conference - God`s Continued Purpose for Israel (CD)

Authors: Calvin Smith, Jonathan Farrell

Product code: CDS136

Recorded live at the CFI UK 2019 Annual Conference

The main speaker, Dr Calvin L Smith teaches about Israel, the Last Days and the Nations from a biblical and theological perspective.  Our second speaker, Jonathan Farrell speaks about the difficulties experienced by Jewish students in universities around the UK and how we can support them.

Disc 1: The Biblical theme of Israel (Calvin Smith)  

Disc 2: Israel and the Last Days (Calvin Smith)        

Disc 3: Israel and the UK Today (Jonathan Farrell)

Disc 4: Jesus, Israel and the Nations (Calvin Smith)

About the Authors

Calvin Smith

Calvin L. Smith (Ph.D., University of Birmingham) is Principal of King’s Evangelical Divinity School a non-denominational Higher Education institution based in Kent. He also edits the Evangelical Review of Society and Politics - a peer-reviewed academic journal, and speaks and publishes widely on Israel, Evangelical politics and hermeneutics (biblical interpretation).

Jonathan Farrell

Jonathan is the Director of Student Affairs for StandWithUs UK. He also directs the UK Emerson Fellowship, a leadership programme, training and equipping the next generation of Israel educators across university campuses nationally.