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Grounded - The Promised Land in the New Testament

Author: Chuck Cohen

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Some ask "Where in the New Testament is the promise of God`s land (Israel) to the Jewish people?" Chuck argues that by knowing the Tanakh (OT), we can uncover evidence for it in the New Testament & that the present day fulfilment is even its validation.

For the Tanakh is the Word of God and the foundation of the New Testament: the "Scriptures" so often quoted by the writers of the New Testament and by Yeshua/Jesus himself and within it God refers over 200 times to His promise of the land of Israel to His people Israel.

About the Author

Chuck Cohen

A veteran immigrant from the United States, Chuck Cohen has now been living and in ministry in Israel for over 25 years and is a director and board member of Intercessors for Israel.

Chuck preaches, teaches, and writes about the Church’s God-given commission to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. He is involved in several international conferences in Jerusalem, travels and speaks internationally, and has been featured on several Christian television and radio programs.

He and his wife, Karen, have written Homecoming, a study of the Old Testament foundations of New Testament doctrine. Watchmen from Jerusalem, Chuck and Karen’s newsletter, provides a biblical perspective on the news and informs readers of events in Israel and the world, with the goal of fueling the fires of intercession.

Chuck also has a burden for the Church in the Western world, yearning for it to understand its Biblical Hebraic roots, and God’s plans and purposes for His people Israel.