Suggested points for prayer: (updated 7th December 2023):

  1. For the estimated 138 remaining hostages: strength of character, strengthening of faith for those who have it, turning to God for others, divine mercy and compassion upon them.
  2. Healing for wounded Israelis, now thought to number more than 10,000.
  3. Physical, emotional and psychological healing for the 109 hostages released so far.
  4. Comfort for the family and friends of 1,200 Israelis who have been killed.
  5. Strength of faith, courage, and a strong desire to care for others in all believers in Jesus within Israel – Jews, Arabs, and other Gentiles.
  6. Compassion for all Israelis suffering trauma as a result of the attack – some were under siege for more than 24 hours.
  7. Courage for all the Israelis serving in the IDF, and also for their families who will be very concerned about the dangerous situations they face in both South and North of the country.
  8. Wisdom, discernment, and guidance for Israel’s leaders – politicians and military – enabling them to demonstrate appropriate restraint.
  9. Unity among the people of Israel, setting aside their political differences.
  10. Mercy for the ordinary people in the Gaza Strip, who are suffering much as a result of the evil actions of the Hamas terrorist group.
  11. Restraint among the Arab Israelis.
  12. Restraint among the Muslims in Judea, Samaria (the so-called ‘West Bank’) and East Jerusalem.
  13. Restraint of Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Lebanon and Syria, so Israel does not have to fight on three fronts.
  14. International recognition of the horrific nature of the terrorists’ actions, which cannot be justified by Palestinians’ grievances.
  15. Recognition among international leaders that Hamas is a single terrorist organisation – it does not have separate political and military wings – and that there is no hope of a negotiated peace with such an organisation.
  16. Truth will prevail in the worldwide information battle in the main media and social media.

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