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Paperback, 351 pages

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Has God Really Finished with Israel?

God`s Covenant with Abraham, Israel and the Church

Author: Mark Dunham

Product code: B456

Second Edition
Updated and Extended Version.

This book challenges the view that modern-day Israel has little connection with the covenants, prophecies and promises God made to the Jewish people many centuries ago.  At the same time he does not discount the rights of Palestinian Arabs, some of whom have lived in the land for centuries and addresses the moral issues involved in the Israel/Palestine conflict.  

This book makes the case for praying for Israel and the Jewish people, while recognising the calling of others to pray for the Palestinians and the Middle East in general.  The author covers a range of issues touching on the debate about land borders and the use of Biblical prophecy and gives solid Biblical ground for supporting the restoration of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

Mark Dunman is not a professional theologian or writer, so his book is a refreshing and thought-provoking challenge to many readers.


About the Author

Mark Dunham

A Christian for over 40 years, he is now a retired science teacher, trained in presenting evidence for beliefs, and applies this to the subject of Israel and the Bible. He lives on the South Coast and leads a prayer group praying for Israel and the Middle East.