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Paperback, 256 pages.

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Hebrew Word Pictures

Author: Dr. Frank Seekins

Product code: B363

In the ancient Hebrew Alphabet each letter represented a sound & picture, whilst words were formed by adding pictures together to illustrate their meaning. Find out how they reveal prophetic truths and illuminate God`s Word.

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You don`t have to be able to read Hebrew in order to understand and to use this book effectively when you read the Bible.

Even if you or the people you teach are not familiar with the Hebrew sounds and have no experience with this language, the pictures you see inside the words will speak for themselves.

This is a revised and expanded edition now with 250 glossy pages of full color showing the history of the 22 Hebrew letters, with 82 added pages of Hebrew examples and references.  It also includes an audio CD.

"Every so often, something comes along that can help move your spiritual life into high gear. I`m convinced that Frank Seekins` concept of "Hebrew Word Pictures" is such a concept. With so many books and conference about biblical principles, this one can help you better understand and love God`s Word itself. As someone who`s studied "word pictures" for years, seeing them come alive in the very letters of Scripture is like adding color to a classic movie. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in gaining a deeper love and understanding of the Scriptures."   
John Trent, ph.D Author, Speaker President of Encouraging Words 

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About the Author

Dr. Frank Seekins

Over 30 years ago Dr. Frank Seekins began studying the ancient pictures of Biblical Hebrew. He is known as the modern founder and the leading expert on Hebrew word pictures.

Dr. Seekins teaches Hebrew and Biblical life precepts throughout America and the world.