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Paperback, 156 pages

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Hem of His Garment, The

Author: John Garr

Product code: B252

Throughout his lifetime, Jesus was a Torah-observant Jew. The very garments Jesus wore confirmed his Jewishness to all those who saw him. Your life will be enriched as you understand the Jewish Jesus in his scriptural, historical, and cultural context.

Jesus lived as a Jew, he worshipped as a Jew, and he dressed and groomed himself as a Jew. Failure to comprehend these simple biblical facts has robbed millions of Christians of spiritually enriching insight. They have missed the true picture of the Messiah because they have overlooked the details clearly present in the Apostolic Scriptures.

Restoring the Hebraic foundations of the Christian faith is vital in this time when the Holy Spirit is leading believers back to long-neglected truth.

This book presents these vivid images of the rich Hebraic tradition of the life and ministry of Jesus:

  • A Mark of Remembrance
  • God is With You
  • The Blessing Covering
  • A Garment of Light
  • A Prayer Closet
  • Healing Wings.

About the Author

John Garr

Founder and president of Hebraic Heritage Christian Center, an international, trans-denominational, multi-ethnic networking organisation that serves as an educational resource to the entire Christian Church.

An academician with a pastor's heart, Dr. Garr is able to contextualise biblical truths in terms that laypersons can understand. He challenges believers to a biblically sound Christocentric faith that is grounded in the Hebraic heritage of Jesus and the apostles.

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