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Paperback, 150 pages

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His Names Are Wonderful

Authors: Elizabeth Vander Meulen, Barbara Malda

Product code: B192

In Hebrew thought, a name did more than identify a person; it revealed their identity. God`s is expressed not in one name but many. Each artfully designed page includes English and Hebrew names, an English transliteration, and relevant Bible passages.

This book groups 140 names into eight sections:

  • Almighty
  • Father
  • Redeemer
  • Shepherd
  • Spirit
  • Truth
  • Defender
  • Faithful

About the Authors

Elizabeth Vander Meulen

Attends a congregation in Michigan, studies Hebrew and is married, with grown daughters.

Barbara Malda

Barbara has studied Hebrew and attends a congregation in Michigan, teaching Davidic dance and worship.